Stm and ltm

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Stm and ltm

Helps us organize information, guides our action and make predictions of the world. Demonstrate role of culture in schema processing.

Bartlett ask participants to read a Native American folk story twice. Then asked them to recite reproduce the story 15 minutes after reading. No participants knew the aim and purpose of the task. European American version of the story left out or replaced details related to Native American Culture e.

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European Americans filled in the gaps in their memory with their own cultural schema. People try to find a familiar pattern in experiences, past or new. People uses existing schemas to fill in the gaps of their memory, subconsciously. Memory, according to Bartlett, is an imaginative reconstruction of experience.

Making it difficult to measure or compare outcome. Result specific to European American and Native American culture.

Low potential generalising ability. They were then asked a series of questions about the specifics of the car crashes. Due to schema activated by the chose verb.

Stm and ltm

Shows schema can affect memory. Shows the unreliability of reconstructive memory. Presumed ability to perceive the velocity of moving object. Participants corrected their original answer according to the chosen verb.

Conclusion analysis

Low, car crash was not real, therefore less emotion was involved affecting the level of detail retained. Unethical and unfeasible to create real car crashes. Forced participants to watch graphic car crashes. Participants are generally desensitised because of the media.

No distress due to watching car crashes reported. Strengths of Schema Theory Lots of study to support the theory Insightful understanding to how people categorize information Uncovers memory distortion Describes memory as being reconstructive, but does not show the process Formation of schemas cannot be tested Too vague Theory 2: Atkinson and Shiffrin The Multi-store model suggests that there are three memory stores.

Each memory store responsible for a different type of memory. The Multi-store model of memory Sensory memory.This evidence supports the idea that the STM and LTM are caused by different mechanisms, which can act independently.

-The combination of the neuropsychological evidence and the results of behavioral experiments such as those measuring the serial position curve, as well as the proposal of the modal model in which STM and LTM are .

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The Importance Of Memory And Long Term Memory - In contrast to this point, semantic memory (the second additional category) is solely responsible for retaining information about society and the world as a whole and it is a process that requires our conscious thought.

and transfer information to long-term memory. This experiment contrasted that position with one that assigns rehearsal the single function of maintaining items in STM.

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The basic insect nervous system bauplan consists of a series of body segments, each equipped with a pair of connected ganglia, with a paired nerve cord connecting adjacent ganglia in each segment. 1 Long-term Memory vs. Short-term Memory Chapter 6 Learning Objective Topics!

Divisions of LTM! Are LTM and STM two separate processes?! How do we get information from STM.

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