Reflective account of a recent legal incident

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Reflective account of a recent legal incident

Read it Even in cases where school employees acted swiftly, they subjected young victims to repeated interrogations, inflicting more psychological pain and defying basic principles intended to preserve the integrity of an investigation. Ineffective background checks exposed students to educators with criminal convictions and arrests for sex crimes against children.

Reflective account of a recent legal incident

And CPS failed to disclose to other districts that past employees had resigned after investigators found credible evidence of abuse and harassment. One young athlete, a year-old honors student aiming for a law career, began cutting advanced chemistry and math classes to avoid a track coach who raped her repeatedly in his office at Simeon Career Academy.

She told me she felt alone. At Hubbard High School, Kyana Aguilar was 17 when she reported a security guard for groping her buttocks and breast.

It could happen to anyone. It still haunts me. The district acknowledges that it does not track child abuse by its employees in a consistent or formal manner. After the Tribune threatened to file a lawsuit to force public disclosure of basic CPS documents and data related to sexual misconduct, the district acknowledged that its Law Department had investigated reports that school employees had sexually abused, assaulted or harassed students since In of these cases, or more than half, investigators found credible evidence of misconduct, the district said.

But CPS supplied only raw numbers — revealing nothing about what happened or which schools were involved. Police investigated reports that children were sexually assaulted or abused inside city public schools during that year period, or an average of one report each week, the data show.

The police data does not account for assaults that happened outside of school buildings, and it includes reports where the abuser was another student. To learn details of the cases, the Tribune reviewed criminal charges and prosecutions, civil lawsuits filed by victims, CPS investigative reports and disciplinary actions, and state licensure hearings.

Reporters also spoke to 18 students or former students who reported being sexually abused by school employees. In all, the Tribune closely examined cases and identified 72 school employees as alleged perpetrators in the last decade. The rest were student-on-student sexual attacks.

The adults involved included award-winning teachers, lunchroom aides, counselors and coaches, security officers and two deans. No part of the city was spared.

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CPS employees sexually violated students in schools ranging from sports powerhouse Simeon to selective-enrollment Payton College Prep high school, police and school records show.

Those two institutions each had three school workers arrested or disciplined since following allegations they sexually abused students, the Tribune found. The child-protection failures also extend to state government. Weaknesses in Illinois law help protect predators, and the State Board of Education sometimes takes years to discipline disgraced educators.

At the federal level, powerful agencies in Washington, D.When your emotions get out of hand, minor irritations on the road may escalate and lead to unnecessary acts of physical aggression and violence. Public Statement Regarding Recent Legal Incident Thursday, March 29, We were shocked and saddened to hear that a male member of East Park.

You will need to record five written reflective accounts that explain how you have developed and improved your care of patients and how it is relevant to The Code. The NMC has developed a template that you can use to record your reflective accounts. In , Justin Carl Moose, a self-described “Christian counterpart to Osama bin-Laden,” planned to blow up an abortion clinic.

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A reflective account of an incident in practice related to the code of professional conduct The purpose of this essay is to critically examine an incident from recent practice whilst using a model of reflection. Example of a Reflective Account From Which to Develop an Academic Poster.

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Betrayed: Chicago schools fail to protect students from sexual abuse -- Chicago Tribune