Reading intervention programme

Bullying Intervention Strategies That Work "Bullying," according to noted expert Dan Olweus, "poisons the educational environment and affects the learning of every child. Practical tips for changing the behavior of bullies and their victims. Inthree Norwegian boys, ages 10 through 14, committed suicide, apparently as a result of severe bullying by their classmates.

Reading intervention programme

Information and Ideas for the Support of Struggling Readers

Live chat What's in Rapid Reading? We understand that when it comes to helping struggling readers, sparking their interest and keeping it is a big part of the battle. Rapid Reading is a fantastic collection of finely levelled fiction and non-fiction books, and eBooks, covering a variety of topics and themes that your children will love.

Reading intervention programme

Rapid is made up of: Teacher toolkit - teaching guides and assessment resources to support you and your teaching assistants. Readers and eBooks - hundreds of finely-levelled readers and eBooks to read in catch-up sessions.

Interventions for Struggling Readers

Online pupil world - packed with interactive eBooks, a personalised homepage and rewards. Professional Development - ensure all your staff can confidently get the best results from every child.

Find out more Starter Level and Stages Books begin at Starter Level A, designed for a reading age of 5 years to 5 years and 3 months, and go through to Level 6b, for a reading age of 8 years to 8 years 5 months. For children about to go up to Secondary school, or already in Year 7, Rapid also has a range of Stage books.

What's more, each book contains two different texts - fiction and non-fiction - around a single theme, so there's a genre to suit all tastes. All of the books in Starter Level and Stages are also available online.

Distress Brief Intervention Programme Briefing

Stages Rapid books for Stages are ideal for older children with a reading age of 8 to Rapid Stages combine thrilling fiction, engaging short play scripts, poems and high-interest non-fiction in each book, and all with built-in support for comprehension.Award-winning reading solution with thousands of leveled readers, lesson plans, worksheets and assessments to teach guided reading, reading proficiency and comprehension to K-5 students.

Reciprocal Reading is an effective and proven approach to developing reading and comprehension. As an intervention programme it is particularly effective with children who can decode but do not fully understand what they read.

Welcome to Rhythm for Reading, an intervention programme in schools that improves reading comprehension and fluency for KS2 – KS3 students.

The Ethics of Intervention – Human Rights, National Sovereignty and the Balance of Risk.

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There are few issues which provoke such passionate dispute as the case for and against humanitarian intervention in failed or failing states. Early Intervention in Reading (EIR)® is a program designed to provide extra instruction to groups of students at risk of failing to learn to read.

The program uses picture books to stress instruction in phonemic awareness, phonics, and contextual analysis, along with repeated reading and writing. Interventions for Struggling Readers Resources to Support Effective Interventions. Extensive Reading Interventions in K-3 (PDF) Principal's Action Plan Outline for Building a Successful School-Wide Intervention Program (PDF) Webcasts by Dr.

Prove student progress with Star Reading Distress Brief Intervention Programme Briefing 1. The need to improve the response to people presenting in distress has been strongly advocated by people who have experience of distress - and by front line service providers - and is supported through a review of available literature [3].
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ASIST » LivingWorks Education As an intervention programme it is particularly effective with children who can decode but do not fully understand what they read.

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