Personal narrative essay music

Our assignment was to write a narrative, approximately 1, words, based upon one of a given selection of prompts: There is hint of a significant place included in the narrative as well. However, the song is the primary topic.

Personal narrative essay music

Goering describes his "Soundtrack of Your Life" assignment, in which students reflect on their lives using songs. The project motivates sharing and skill building for expository writing, as well as providing a springboard toward publication. Adults are often frightened by the popular music of the young.

My own memorable experience in this regard involved a teacher I once had who asked the class to bring in tapes and then, appalled by the content "Cherry Pie" by Warranthurled my cassette against the concrete wall, leaving only scraps of plastic and the perplexed stares of my classmates.

Christenson and Roberts get to the heart of this culture clash when they assert, "For every adult who is convinced pop music is responsible for the moral decay of our youth, there is an adolescent who believes music is the only positive force in contemporary society" 6.

Adults may grumble, but adolescents continue to listen to, watch, and make music. Music inspires, motivates, and interests a diverse range of students by connecting to their personal feelings and emotions.

Rarely do teenagers go without music. Whether it is in their cars, at home, or on a portable player, music serves as the universal backdrop to almost all adolescent lives. Music summons vivid memories of persons, places, and events, and it documents thoughts, feelings, and emotions associated with a given time or place.

The Importance of Music in Youth: Personal Narrative Essay

Music affords students opportunities to reflect on their lives and consider some of the reasons that they have developed into who they are so far. For me, the answer has been the "Soundtrack of Your Life," an assignment that is, without question, the most effective and meaningful writing my students complete each year.

The assignment sets a positive tone at the start of the school term by having students share their lives with each other and with me. Of course, the personal narrative—particularly as it connects to music—also engages students in the emotional response that I will expect from them when they respond to literature later in the year.

Students respond that they often feel their voices are unheard, citing examples from school, community, and home. We begin to discuss what their lives mean in relation to this song, and they start to reflect on events that have shaped their lives.

Then, students brainstorm a list of these events and select the most important ones, choosing at least eight.

Why is it important to come up with good narrative essay writing topics?

The next step in the process requires students to link these events to the music they listen to. They must connect each event they have chosen to a different song.

This is a challenge for some students and easy for others; I encourage students with greater knowledge of music to share ideas with others. The Green Book of Songs by Subject: A Thematic Guide to Popular Music Greenwhich categorizes more than twenty thousand songs, is a wonderful tool to help students who are not as musically knowledgeable as others.

I also push students to use the Internet to find lyrics or titles to songs that relate to their events and to share their findings for similar events.

Once the students compile their lists and choose their songs, they put them in a specific order, much as music producers do when producing a compact disc.

How can a writing teacher make use of this music-induced self-reflection? At this point I formally introduce the "Soundtrack of Your Life," a written exploration of self, and I explain the sections of the assignment.

In the first paragraph each student must introduce him or herself in a brief autobiography.

Personal narrative essay music

Next the students explain their soundtrack to the "listeners": What is this soundtrack and why are they doing it? What are their goals for the project? What use will they make of it?

In the next stage, the students introduce each event and relate a song to that event.

Personal narrative essay music

Each event and song combination results in one paragraph of the soundtrack. Students may organize their material in a number of ways see examples that followand I encourage them to find an organizing principle with which they feel comfortable.

In conclusion, the students must thank the listeners this reminds the writers that someone is paying attention and sum up what the project has meant to them.

Everything that happens is a story

During the composition process I offer examples from former students, other teachers, and, of course, myself. Students approach this assignment with varying degrees of seriousness. Some reflect on deaths that have been close to them, others on a first kiss. One student shared the story of how, when she was a fourth-grader, her parents told her she was adopted by her father and that her birth father was never going to be a part of her life and did not even know of her existence.

This made my whole life seem like a lie. This is where my song comes in, "Blurry," by Puddle of Mud. I had no clue what to say; I just sat there sobbing and there was nothing anyone could do. Of course, some writers are reluctant to share very personal stories such as this one, but all students have shared at least one life event of a serious nature.

This has had the effect of creating a more cohesive classroom, a climate of "we are in this together.How to Write a Personal Narrative Essay - How to Write a Personal Narrative Essay There is very little mystery to writing the personal narrative essay.

There is no proper topic for such an essay. Essay on Personal Narrative- Parties - Personal Narrative- Parties Every weekend there is a party somewhere. Whether it is out at the "Momma," the lake, or even at someone's house, it .

Feb 14,  · Personal Narrative Essay Music changed my life. It created a sense of purpose and belonging where other activities failed to do so. While I now have a great appreciation for many different types and genres of music, what specifically drew me to it is the great art form of rock n’ roll.

It all began. Music and I Ever since I was a small child, I have loved music. The strong, steady beats, the entrancing melodies, and the lyrics that vary between heart-warming and heart-wrenching have always had an unexplainable affect on my life.

Essay on Personal Narrative- Parties - Personal Narrative- Parties Every weekend there is a party somewhere. Whether it is out at the "Momma," the lake, or even at someone's house, it is the "cool place" to be.

The following is a Personal Narrative Essay written for my Critical Studies class. Our assignment was to write a narrative, approximately 1, words, based upon one of a given selection of prompts.

Music and the Personal Narrative: The Dual Track to Meaningful Writing - National Writing Project