Maritime transportation imdg cargo stowage essay

EWR was the first major airport in the United Stated and first with a control tower located approximately 15 miles from Manhattan, New York. Revolution of ports brought about urbanization making many port transit harbours. This also led the development of well Global Supply Chain Management words - 16 pages installed number of facilities that could handles huge volume of cargo. Inthere are more than million tonnes of cargo and over 31 container handled at the Singapore Port [ Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore, ].

Maritime transportation imdg cargo stowage essay

Corrosive substances Miscellaneous dangerous goods and articles. It is evident that the improper packing of above listed goods can causes serious threat to a lot of factors. Armstrong, Safe movement of dangerous cargo In order to confirm the safe movement of the packaged cargoes categorised under IMDG code, special care to be taken on each process from packing of the goods to the delivery of cargo at the destination point.

The first procedure involving in this process is to determine the class of goods and sorting it, which should be done by the shipper in accordance with IMDG code.

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Packing of cargo Packing is the process of assembling items into a unit with necessary protection coatings and markingit plays an important role in minimizing the risk associated with the nature of the goods Willinger, Packing should be done in such a way that it should not be affected by Outside force such as impact or vibration.

Contamination due to unwanted substances like water, air. Karan, Goods on ship are subjected to all type of stresses mainly during handling, transfer between ships and shore and due to bad climate, therefore stowage must be perfect because poor stowage can lead to serious problems both at sea and land.

Detailed provisions regarding stowage and segregation of dangerous goods are given in chapter 7 of the IMDG Code. It is the duty of a carrier to carefully load, handle, stow, carry and keep the cargo according to the applicable regulation.

IMO Two incompatible articles when kept together may result in undue hazard in case of leakage, spillage or if an accident occurs.

Safe movement of dangerous cargo

This is where importance of segregation or separation takes place. Segregation is obtained by maintaining certain distances between incompatible goods or separating by one or more steel bulkheads or decks between them, or a combination thereof.

For the purpose of segregation, dangerous goods having certain similar chemical properties should be grouped together in segregation groups Williams, Stowage into containers must be properly and carefully done, with proper bracing, blocking and dunnage inside.

Dangerous goods plan must be properly filled with information pertaining to the dangerous goods on board and this helps quick and easy location of dangerous goods. Peermohamed, Marking, Labelling and Placarding of Dangerous Goods The main aim of marking and labelling dangerous goods is to inform related persons about package contendsfor appropriate handling of the goods for the safety and health purposes and for identifying the goods during transportation.

Maritime transportation imdg cargo stowage essay

This is predominantly important because when an accident involving these goods occurs, marking and labelling give more clear and immediate notice of dangerous characteristics of the goods. If the dangerous goods are not properly packed, marked, labelled and documented in accordance with the regulations, the carrier should not take the goods on board SOLAS Some of the guidelines of marking dangerous packaged goods are stated below The size of the labels depends on amounts of goods packaged Labels should be placed in such a way that they should be visible when packages are stacked Format, design and colour of the labels should follow the standards as per the Dangerous Goods Code Packaging should be of a contrasting colour or be clearly visible against the packaging used on the other goods Requirements for inner package marking are different from standard marking and for packages the standard marking must include: Proper shipping name of each type of dangerous goods in the package UN Number Class label for each class of dangerous goods in package Markings must pass tests for legibility, water resistance, colour fastness and staying affixed stickers are commercially available Armstrong, Placards should be attached on cargo transport units to notify that the contents of the unit are dangerous goods and present risks, unless the labels affixed on the packages are clearly visible from the exterior of the cargo Transportation of Packaged Dangerous Goods There are lot of factors to be considered during the carriage of dangerous goods and most important of it is information.

If the carrier is unaware of the nature of the cargo loaded in his ship it will be impossible for him to take necessary precautions and obviously consequences will be there.

DOWNLOAD NOW» The International Maritime Dangerous Goods Code is the standard guide to all aspects of handling dangerous goods and marine pollutants in sea transport. Maritime transportation, like all transportation, is a derived demand. As of , seaborne trade accounted for % of global trade in terms of volume and % in terms of value. Maritime shipping is one of the most globalized industries in terms of ownership and operations. Essay Writing Service. ORDER NOW CHAT NOW What you'll get from! % Original – written from scratch Guaranteed privacy – no third-party ever involved Native-English Home Free Essays Sea Transportation Was Considered To Be Objective In Past. Search.

For example a burning cargo placed deep down in stow cannot be discarded by a ship during its voyage. The other cargoes stacked nearby can also catch fire and if this cargo happened to be a undeclared hazardous cargo consequences can be unimaginable, therefore it is vital to have a precise and dependable information about the cargo as decision made on partial information can result in more damage Jackson, Documentation for Dangerous Goods The paper declaration of dangerous goods by the shipper makes sure that all in the transportation chain are aware that dangerous goods are being transported.

This ensures that they are correctly accepted, handled and loaded and if an incident or accident occurs, either in ship or in the port, what the accurate response should be.Maritime transportation, like all transportation, is a derived demand that exists to support trade relations.

These trade relations are also influenced by the existing maritime shipping capacity and the changes in the composition of maritime shipping services.

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6 3 Cargo Distribution. Maximum use of capacity. Broken stowage and stowage factor. DOWNLOAD NOW» The International Maritime Dangerous Goods Code is the standard guide to all aspects of handling dangerous goods and marine pollutants in sea transport. Maritime Transportation (IMDG, Cargo Stowage) Essay by andyhcg, University, Bachelor's, C+, October download word file, 12 pages download word file, 12 pages 0 votes.

transportation. As many of us know from our own gardens, deciduous fruits (bjelogori The cargo stowage plan contains— A summary of cargo to be discharged at each port. A summary and location of heavy lifts.

Information on the capacity and location of heavy lifts. Outreachprogram of cargoes Inspect and report defects and damages to cargo spaces, hatch covers and ballast tanks Criteria: Cargo operations are carried out in accordance with the cargo plan or other document and established safety rules and regulations, equipment operating instructions and shipboard stowage limitations.

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