Indian telecom sector employability skills

Andhra Pradesh has emerged on top in terms of employability among the states with the engineering graduates having the highest level of employability, according to India Skills Report

Indian telecom sector employability skills

August 11, Societal pressure, inadequate infrastructure, poor quality of teachers and outdated syllabus are the major reasons for this. Are our engineering students unemployable? Unable to get a job, textile engineering graduate Lakshmi Priya decided to do her own research on opportunities.

The finding was devastating: She lacked the skills required for a job in a relevant field.

Indian telecom sector employability skills

She is now preparing for her MBA entrance exam. The questions related to problem-solving, logical reasoning, language comprehension, general knowledge and data interpretation — life skills needed to enter the corporate world. If it is any consolation, students scored zero.

Our engineering colleges are churning out unemployable graduates. Otherwise, the future of engineering education will be bleak. Maybe, there is a disconnect between what is taught and what the industry needs. Obsession with digital technology and social networking does not leave them with much time or inclination for studies.

Visveswaran, academic-turned-software-industry veteran, makes a list: He doesn't subscribe to the view that first-generation engineering students don't cope well. How are they contributing to the country?

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So tuition factories flourish, where exam survival skills are taught instead of real knowledge. With over colleges and thousands of seats going vacant, anyone who applies gets an engineering seat.

Many opt for the subject without any interest, he says. Supply— demand imbalance Kumar says there are just too many of these engineering graduates with expectations not aligned to reality. Huge numbers and huge compromises in admissions leave them unemployable.

Schools have become marks-generating factories and when the student is tested for the practical application, he has no clue. In Tamil Nadu, communication ability is low.

A lot of corporates have pitched in to work with universities but even if the curriculum is up-to-date, do we have staff qualified to teach it?

If the quality of teachers is bad, we will continue to breed mediocrity. The talent required by the IT industry is different from what a manufacturing industry wants or what a service industry requires. Often, companies do not appreciate the knowledge students have in their specialised area.

A student may have knowledge of thermodynamics or machine design, but a recruiter may require skills in IC-engines. What corporates expect in students changes every year. Many of the IT majors keep candidates on the bench to bid for business showing quality and quantity of their human resources.

Freshers become a "not billable resource. Trained career counsellors in higher secondary schools and colleges should advise parents so that everyone doesn't jump on to the IT bandwagon. Language should be tested for spoken and listening skills as well.

Many engineers graduate by writing essays, not by solving problems. Maybe we have to move to the grading system, where only top 15 to 20 per cent get an A grade, bottom 10 to 15 per cent are given F Fail.Electronics Sector Skills Council of India (ESSCI) is a Not‐for‐Profit Organization, registered under the Indian Companies Act, The Council has been promoted by six Associations i.e.

Indian telecom sector employability skills

— Employability Skills: Changing Trends in the Automotive Technology Industry. July 14, / Automotive; The rapid and evolving innovations in vehicle technology are changing the skill set that employers are looking for in the automotive technology industry.

The benchmark for employability in a profile and sector is defined by a theoretical understanding and empirical validation of the knowledge, cognitive skills and domain expertise required.

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The benchmarks established for different profiles ensure both elimination of unsuccessful candidates for a job (type I error) and inclusion of all candidates.

Telecom Sector Skill Council (TSSC) has signed a MoU with The Art of Living Digital India Movement to skill Indian youth under “Skill India” initiative of prime minister Narendra Modi. VARINDIA - India's frontline IT Magazine, provides the real time IT News.

Approx. 15% to 17% of Global Working Population in would be Indian *Calculated at ILO Labor Force Participation Rates using Census data 4. India: Low Productivity, Low Skill training Sector Skill Councils Vocational Education Private Sect or/SMEs Academi a Youth with Training ensures employability of the resources trained.

The Telecom sector has created a new digital society of mobile internet, social media, e-commerce and entertainment. Indian telecom sector is expected to generate four million direct and indirect jobs over the next five years according to estimates by Randstad India.

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