Human behavior organization social responsibility

A traditional view of the corporation suggests that its primary, if not sole, responsibility is to its owners, or stockholders. However, CSR requires organizations to adopt a broader view of its responsibilities that includes not only stockholders, but many other constituencies as well, including employees, suppliers, customers, the local community, local, state, and federal governments, environmental groups, and other special interest groups. Corporate social responsibility is related to, but not identical with, business ethics. While CSR encompasses the economic, legal, ethical, and discretionary responsibilities of organizations, business ethics usually focuses on the moral judgments and behavior of individuals and groups within organizations.

Human behavior organization social responsibility

Bonded labor occurs when a person is forced to work in exchange for the repayment of a debt or other obligation — sometimes levied as a fee for receiving a job in the first place. If bonded labor is discovered, the supplier is required to repay the recruitment fees in full to all affected employees.

We ensure safe channels for employees and suppliers to communicate concerns, and we continue to be recognized as a leader among all industries in efforts to eliminate this vicious practice.

If bonded labor is uncovered, immediate action is taken: Probation Notice A Notice of Probation is sent to the violating supplier with terms of reimbursement and a nonretaliation clause to protect employees.

Payment Confirmed An independent auditor confirms that each individual received repayment. Over 10 years, approximately 35, individuals have been repaid. Incases were discovered and remediated.

By diverting manufacturing waste from landfills, we are reducing impacts on the environment and safeguarding the communities where our products are made. Our Zero Waste Program is a partnership with suppliers who join us in protecting the environment.

To achieve a Zero Waste to Landfill certification through Underwriters Laboratories ULa factory must divert percent of its waste from landfills, with a maximum of 10 percent being sent to waste-to-energy facilities.

Inpercent of our final assembly facilities for iPhone were zero waste certified. To help all of our suppliers achieve this objective, we offer tools and guidance, including the services of leading experts in sustainable waste management solutions.

All final assembly facilities for iPhone are now zero waste certified worldwide. Moving toward our goal of zero waste.

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Reducing waste means reimagining traditional manufacturing processes. One way we do this is by helping suppliers pivot away from virgin material and toward reused and recycled materials. In fact, one of our manufacturers is now implementing an innovative process that recycles part of the film that protects iPhone screens as they are made.

Previously that material went to landfills. Now it is recycled to make the trays that transport products later in their production.

This reduces waste, transportation costs, and our carbon footprint. And every year it will divert approximately metric tons of garbage from landfills. Turning the film that protects iPhone screens into trays.

Step 1 A protective film and liner used to protect iPhone screens during manufacturing are no longer needed. Step 2 The protective film and liner are separated. One is recycled and the other is used for energy recovery. Step 3 The recycled piece is turned into trays for use in production.

Step 4 The trays are used to hold iPhone devices in a later phase of their production. Constantly finding new ways to conserve natural resources and use less energy is a crucial part of our manufacturing process.

Inall of our suppliers are required to set carbon reduction goals. We also created a Clean Water Program that encourages factories to find ways to conserve fresh water and reuse wastewater.

As a result, participating factories in China have achieved an average reuse rate of 37 percent, exceeding the industry average of 30 percent. For the fourth consecutive year, Apple received the top score on the Corporate Information Transparency Index from the Institute of Public and Environmental Affairs, a Chinese nongovernmental organization.

Inenergy conservation efforts in our supply chain reduced annualized carbon emission bymetric tons.

Human behavior organization social responsibility

Line Managers, iPhone production, China Our efforts are just the beginning. Together with our suppliers, we made a great deal of progress in These are the lecture slides of Strategic Management. Key important points are: Ethics and Social Responsibility, Moral Principles, Behavior of Individuals and Organizations, Right or Wrong, Law, Free Will, Ethics, Organization, Shared Values, Disagreement.

Evaluate the level of ethical behavior and corporate social responsibility of the organization you work for or are otherwise involved with. Research and document the organization’s internal and external communication, such as mission statements, credos, et cetera, in regard to their values and ethics.

High Social Overhead Cost - The cost on social responsibility is a social cost which will not instantly benefit the organization. The cost of social responsibility can lower the organizational efficiency and effect to compete in the corporate world.

Introduction to Human Behavior in Organization; Introduction to Human Behavior in Organization Managers and supervisors are burdened with the responsibility of harnessing organizational behavior to improve people-organization relationships while the executives must attempt to create an atmosphere in the organization that will motivate.

Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes publishes fundamental research in organizational behavior, organizational psychology, and human cognition, judgment, and decision-making. The journal features articles that present original empirical research, theory development, meta-analysis, and methodological advancements relevant to the.

Although issues of corporate social responsibility (CSR) have become an important topic of research, there have been few studies on this topic conducted in the fields of human resource (HR) management and organizational behavior (OB).

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