Hrm cultural differences

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Hrm cultural differences

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Within a very short Hrm cultural differences of time, there were challenges to the legislation. Although both acts are definitely limited liberal pieces of equality legislation Walsh, focusing on promoting equality of opportunity rather than equalising conditions of life, they were the focus of intense criticism almost as soon as they came into force.

Powerful lobby groups were allowed to exercise sufficient influence on government to have the law changed. Why did this happen? Why was there so much resistance to equality, even in terms of equalising opportunities? Why did the government pass legislation which it then proceeded to undermine, particularly, but not exclusively, in terms of how it impacted on the most vulnerable of all groups in Irish society, namely Travellers?

Why is Ireland such a care-less and, at times, cruel state? I will attempt to answer these Hrm cultural differences in this paper. Dismantling the Equality Infrastructure of the State As soon as it became an effective and articulate voice for equality, the Equality Authority EA was subjected to challenges from a variety of interest groups for whom equality was a rhetorical rather than a substantive principle of public policy.

The media were among the powerful and vociferous. This view was endorsed by Kevin Myers in the Irish Times on February 14th and by a variety of other journalists and commentators in subsequent weeks.

The attacks on the work of the Equality Authority were not confined to the media. The net outcome was a win for the vintners as legislation was changed in precluding discrimination cases being taken by the Equality Tribunal. On foot of this change, the number of discrimination cases dropped dramatically Crowley, Opposition was also evident among politicians.

Niall Crowley, the CEO of the Equality Authority from its foundation in was a powerful and articulate defender of equality. He was outspoken and an excellent communicator of the equality message on the media. This was not a public event at the time, but it signalled to civil and public servants what government wanted from an Equality Authority.

It was not expected to be an independent voice for equality in Ireland.


It was expected to behave as an arm of a politically compliant civil service. But the attacks on the Equality Authority, culminating in its demise through cuts inand its closure in must not be read in isolation from the historical context of Irish cultural and political life.

While it was the pre-eminent equality agency, it was not the only equality-oriented agency closed down between and To understand the opposition to the work of the Equality Authority and the closure of equality agencies it is important to examine the cultural and political contexts in which this occurred.

Charity not Rights In his commentary on the events that led to the demise of the Equality Authority, Niall Crowley makes an important observation about attitudes to rights and, by implication, to equality in Ireland: People have to be deserving, not demanding, of public support — it cannot be a matter of rights.

Hrm cultural differences

In passing anti-discrimination legislation, the IrishState had conferred limited rights on those who experienced discrimination in their usage of public and private services, and in employment. Two cultures and sets of values came into conflict with this development, the longstanding culture that defined access to public services as a form of charity given at the goodwill of the State and its agents, and a culture that defined public services as rights to which people had entitlements.

With the new legislation, rights in accessing services and in employment were underpinned by anti-discrimination laws that could be vindicated in the courts. And in listing nine identities on the basis of which discrimination was prohibited, new socio-political realities were created: The citizen was recognised for her or his intersectional complexity.

Although the equality legislation was undeniably a limited liberal piece of legislation in terms of supporting equality of opportunity rather than equality of condition [iii]it nonetheless created ruptures with the past that challenged the ordering of authority and power: It created new terms of reference for public discussion and analysis about equality and social justice.

However, these were not terms of reference which were culturally familiar or widely politically accepted. The ratio showed that the average income of those in the highest income quintile was 5. The ratio was 4. Why has the country allowed income inequality to grow at a time of crisis, why has it allowed deprivation to increase when countries like Iceland have worked hard to protect their most vulnerable citizens during their financial crisis?

Stuckler and Basu, The answer lies in part in the fact that Ireland has never had a deep-rooted commitment to principles of equality, be it in feminism, socialism or even humanism.

It has relied heavily on the ideology of charity to address injustices.Introduction. Commonality of language can sometimes be an impediment instead of an advantage to cross-cultural communication as it disguises the differences of thinking and approach.

EQUALITY AS RHETORIC: THE CARELESS STATE OF IRELAND. Professor Kathleen Lynch, Equality Studies Centre, UCD School of Social Justice.

The legislature passed two significant pieces of equality legislation in (the Employment Equality Act) and in (the Equal Status Act). Outsourcing, as well as in house seminars and workshops on cultural awareness, can be effective, albeit sometimes expensive and time consuming.

For those companies that find outsourcing an onerous solution, there is an excellent alternative. AFH Carib/Ameri Connections in Lit. Undergraduate 3 credits. DEC: G SBC: HFA+. An exploration of the connections between writers from the French-speaking and English-speaking Caribbean and from the African-American community, who share a similar cultural heritage, historical heritage, and historical experience, but differ in geopolitical situations.

Workers comprise an increasingly rainbow coalition.


The challenge of managing culture-based differences at work is upon us. In reply to this challenge, "managing cultural diversity" has become one of the hottest topics in the training industry.

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