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It was strongly influenced by the political experience of the Italian Risorgimento, partially incorporated in the Constitution of the State of Piedmont, promulgated on 4 March by Carlo Alberto of Savoy the so-called Statuto Albertinoand finally fully expressed in the Republican Constitution in force today.

Essays italian mafia

Boetius, a 6th-century Christian philosopher, helped keep alive the classic tradition in post-Roman Italy.

Essays italian mafia

The liberal arts flourished at Ravenna under Theodoricand the Gothic kings surrounded themselves with masters of rhetoric and of grammar. Italians who were interested in theology gravitated towards Paris.

Those who remained were typically attracted by the study of Roman law.

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This furthered the later establishment of the medieval universities of BolognaPaduaVicenzaNaplesSalernoModena and Parma. These helped to spread culture, and prepared the ground in which the new vernacular literature developed.

Classical traditions did not disappear, and affection for the memory of Rome, a preoccupation with politics, and a preference for practice over theory combined to influence the development of Italian literature.

High medieval literature[ edit ] Trovatori[ edit ] The earliest vernacular literary tradition in Italy was in Occitana language spoken in parts of northwest Italy.

A tradition of vernacular lyric poetry arose in Poitou in the early 12th century and spread south and east, eventually reaching Italy by the end of the 12th century. The first troubadours trovatori in Italianas these Occitan lyric poets were called, to practise in Italy were from elsewhere, but the high aristocracy of Lombardy was ready to patronise them.

It was not long before native Italians adopted Occitan as a vehicle for poetic expression, though the term Occitan did not really appear until the year"langue d'oc" or "provenzale" being the preferred expressions.

The influence of these poets on the native Italians got the attention of Aimeric de Peguilhan in Aimeric apparently feared the rise of native competitors.

Peire de la Mula stayed at the Montferrat court around and Raimbaut de Vaqueiras spent most of his career as court poet and close friend of Boniface I. Raimbaut, along with several other troubadours, including Elias Cairel, followed Boniface on the Fourth Crusade and established, however briefly, Italo-Occitan literature in Thessalonica.

Azzo VI's daughter, Beatricewas an object of the early poets " courtly love ". The Occitan tradition in Italy was more broad than simply Genoa or even Lombardy.

Essays italian mafia

Bertolome Zorzi was from Venice. Girardo Cavallazzi was a Ghibelline from Novara. Nicoletto da Torino was probably from Turin.

In Ferrara the Duecento was represented by Ferrari Trogni. Terramagnino da Pisafrom Pisawrote the Doctrina de cort as a manual of courtly love.

He was one of the late 13th-century figures who wrote in both Occitan and Italian.And Then There Were None by Agatha Christie - And Then There Were None by Agatha Christie And Then There Were None, is an intriguing murder mystery .

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