Essay about go ask alice

There are replies you may not give. There are comments you may not make. There are truths you may not tell, in the world of public relations, for the public are fickle, and behave as a mob. A mob in all its feral, brutal depravity, lacking any and all of the qualities we laud upon humanity that allow us to feel so smug over all of the hapless animals that we raise ourselves over.

Essay about go ask alice

Every Smack is a Humiliation -- A Manifesto by Alice Miller Few insights gained in the last 20 years are so securely established as the realization that what we do to children when they are small, good things and bad things, will later form a part of their behavioral repertoire.

Battered children will batter others, punished children act punitively, children lied to become liars themselves. In the short term, corporal punishment may produce obedience.

But it is a fact documented by research that in the long term the results are inability to learn, violence and rage, bullying, cruelty, inability to feel another's pain, especially that of one's own children, even drug addiction and suicide, unless there are enlightened or at least helping witnesses on hand to prevent that development.

These statistics show that the mentality of the Swedish population has changed radically in the course of a mere 20 years.

Essay about go ask alice

A destructive tradition, upheld and acted upon for thousands of years, has been done away with thanks to this legislation. Where is the rest of the world? The claim that mild punishments slaps or smacks have no detrimental effect is still widespread because we got this message very early from our parents who had taken it over from their own parents.

Unfortunately, the main damage it causes is precisely the broad dissemination of this conviction. The result of which is that each successive generation is subjected to the tragic effects of so called physical "correction. It is imperative for us to launch this kind of preventive legislation in the major countries of Europe and the USA before the fundamentalists gain any further control of the political arena.

It is designed to have a protective and informative function for parents.

Work of Alice Miller on Emotions, Unhealthy Relationships and Corporal Punishment

It does not set out to incriminate anyone. Sanctions deriving from it could take the form of parents being obligated to internalize information on the consequences of corporal punishment, in much the same way as drivers of motor vehicles are required by state law to be familiar with the highway code.

In the case of our children, the point at issue is not only the welfare of individual families-- the vital interests of society as a whole are at stake. Physical cruelty and emotional humiliation not only leave their marks on children, they also inflict a disastrous imprint of the future of our society.

Information on the effects of the "well-meant smack" should therefore be part and parcel of courses for expectant mothers and of counseling for parents.

Hitler, Stalin, Mao and other dictators were exposed to severe physical mistreatment in childhood and refused to face up to the fact later.

Instead of seeing and feeling what had happened to them, they avenged themselves vicariously by killing millions of people. And millions of others helped them to do so.

If the legislation we are advocating had existed the time, those millions would simply have refused to perpetrate acts of cruelty at the command of crazed political leaders. This text can be distributed and published by everybody to disseminate the information as widely as possible.

Alice Miller Summary of what this book is about: The ways we and our parents and grandparents were raised is abusive, humiliating and dehumanizing. This kind of abusive child-rearing has been supported by the church, by the schools and nearly everyone in society for generations.

To be healthy we each need to become aware of how we were abused by our parents. If we do not become aware of it and if we do not face the painful feelings which have been repressed, we are likely to turn into violent or self-injuring adults.


Leaders who have been responsible for mass deaths were abused as children. Many adults want to believe their parents were perfect, flawless or "good parents. The expression of resentment was not permitted by anyone in society due to the "Honor they parents" trap.

Because their resentment could not be directed towards its natural sources, other targets were found.

Essay about go ask alice

These targets first included animals and other children, then became other authority figures and minority groups. As adults they continue to believe their parents were "good parents" and that the things their parents did were necessary, since it would be too threatening to think otherwise.

They continue to protect their parents and their own image of their parents. As these adults become parents themselves, the repressed resentment also becomes directed toward their children, who are powerless and dependent.

She says it is not helpful or practical to try to forgive someone before we have completely acknowledged how they have hurt us. In the last ten years there has been an increase in the number of autobiographical works being written, and it is apparent that this younger generation of writers is less and less inclined to idealize their parents.

There has been a marked increase in the willingness of the postwar generation to seek the truth of their childhood and in their ability to bear the truth once they have discovered it. SH] She then gives some examples of writers who have written about their own parents and says such writers are displaying "an authenticity and honesty unknown heretofore.

That the academic disciplines must lag behind is an unfortunate but well-known fact. When we consider how much time and energy is devoted during these best years to wasting the last opportunities of adolescence and to suppressing, by means of the intellectual disciplines, the feelings that emerge with particular force at this age, then it is no wonder that the people who have made this sacrifice victimize their patients and clients in turn, treating them as mere objects of knowledge instead of as autonomous, creative beings.

There are some authors of so-called objective, scientific publications in the field of psychology who remind me of the officer in Kafka's Penal Colony in their zeal and their consistent self-destructiveness.

In the unsuspecting, trusting attitude of Kafka's convicted prisoner, on the other hand, we can see the students of today who are so eager to believe that the only thing that counts in their four years of study is their academic performance and that human commitment is not required.Essay Go Ask Alice Have you ever had a problem?

I'm sure you have because everybody sometime in there life does. The book I read Go Ask Alice by an anonymous author is all about problems, conflicts, and how to deal with them. I would give a lot of information on the author if that was possible, but the author is anonymous so I can not do so.

Free Essay: Go Ask Alice, written by an anonymous author, is a diary kept by a fifteen-year-old drug user. The author, through this book, doesn’t wants his. With major suits against NuvaRing’s manufacturer, Merck, headed for trial, Marie Brenner asks why a potentially lethal contraceptive remains on the market.

Go Ask Alice Essay - Go Ask Alice Go Ask Alice is the diary of a young 15 year old drug abuser. At the beginning of the book, "Alice" is a typical, insecure, middle class teenager that only thinks with boys, diets, and popularity.

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