Effects of over population essay

Search Human Population Growth and Climate Change The largest single threat to the ecology and biodiversity of the planet in the decades to come will be global climate disruption due to the buildup of human-generated greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. People around the world are beginning to address the problem by reducing their carbon footprint through less consumption and better technology. But unsustainable human population growth can overwhelm those efforts, leading us to conclude that we not only need smaller footprints, but fewer feet.

Effects of over population essay

Our world is a unique environmentin that every living being, plant, and landscape contributes to the overall wellness of the Earth. This is why harmful effects of human wasteproduction, and consumption can have such drastic effects on certain ecologies and biospheres.

A major concern right now is the problem of overfishing. Ocean overfishing simply means catching fish from sea at rates too high where fish stocks become too depleted to recover. Gathering as many fish as possible may seem like a profitable practice, but overfishing has serious consequences.

The results not only affect the balance of life in the oceans, but also the social and economic well-being of the coastal communities who depend on fish for their way of life.

With increased overfishing related practices and without sustainable management, many fish stocks are reduced to below acceptable levels. Catching too many fish seem like a profitable practice, but it endangers ecosystems and affects the balance of live in oceans.

Causes of Overfishing Put simply, overfishing occurs when more fish are caught then are able to reproduce to repopulate. Because fishing has long been an industry used by humans, there are a number of reasons why it is a problem today.

Some of the causes of overfishing include: Difficulties in regulating fishing areas due to lack of resources and tracking activity. Most areas in the world have a total lack of oversight related to their fishing industry, which means the practices and activities of fishing fleets are not or barely monitored.

In international waters, there are little to no rules regarding fishing practices, which means fishing fleets can bypass areas that do have regulations.

Lack of knowledge regarding fish populations and quotas in a universal standard.

Effects of over population essay

Problems with customs and importation where the provenance of fish is not questioned, leading to surreptitious practices such as calling one kind of fish something else. Unreported fishing, which is nearly impossible to track. Fishing areas are largely unprotected — only a little over 1.

This means that areas can be harmed or depleted. While this is poised to have long-term effects on human consumption, there are also a number of other effects, such as: Removal of essential predators: Sharks and tuna are particularly susceptible to overfishing, and when they are removed from the areas they live in, this means that sea creatures further down the food chain are negatively impacted.

Populations can grow larger, and the role that these larger creatures play — from what they eat to how their bodies decompose — mean potentially fatal effects for ocean ecosystems.

Poor coral reef health: Reefs are essential to ocean life, and once they are harmed, it is hard to repair the damage, if at all. In controlled amounts, algae is essential to helping marine life thrive, but if it is allowed to grow at will, it can impact fish, reefs, and more, leading to serious destruction.

This can mean everything from dolphins to turtles can be impacted by the presence of fishing fleets. Threat to local food sources: There are a number of communities around the world that rely on fish as their primary resource for food. The growth of overfishing has caused serious threat to these communities, which are often located in developing countries.

Without the ability to catch their food, their populations are threatened. A lot of these communities that rely on fish for food also rely on low-level fishing industries for economic viability. These enterprises, as opposed to large-scale fishing ones, typically do far less damage to their marine life because they are on a much smaller scale.

Obviously, another huge concern with overfishing is the damage it does to parts of the Earth that rely on healthy marine life. The problem is unfortunately so widespread that effects can be felt in every part of the world.(Think about it: It took all of time for population to reach billion; then it shot to billion over just years.) During that time emissions of CO2, the leading greenhouse gas, grew fold.

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Imagine an entire race being annihilated off the face of the earth because of one person’s hatred towards that race. On January 30, , Adolf Hitler rose to power over Germany. How to Choose Overpopulation Cause and Effect Essay Topic 28 October, , by Steven Arndt When the country population reaches its highest level possible, a lot of problems immediately appear.

The term “Over Population” or “Population Explosion” is used to express the idea of more population for fewer resources. Population Situation in Pakistan: According to the economic survey of Pakistan , the total population of Pakistan is million against the million in last year.

Overpopulation is a term that refers to a condition by which the population density enlarges to a limit that provokes the environmental deterioration, a remarkable decline in the quality of life, or a population .

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