Ebola virus research paper

Schrag, PhD1; Rosalind J. Deen, MD3; James B.

Ebola virus research paper

Chemistry[ edit ] The drug is composed of three monoclonal antibodies mAbsinitially harvested from mice exposed to Ebola virus proteins, that have been chimerized with human constant regions.

When treated 24 or 48 hours after infection, four of six animals survived and had little to no viremia and few, if any, clinical symptoms. The authors concluded that post-exposure treatment resulted in a robust immune response, with good protection for up to 10 weeks and some protection at 13 weeks.

Three primates in the control arm were given a non-functional antibody, and the 18 in the treatment arm were divided into three groups of six. All primates in the treatment arm received three doses of ZMapp, spaced 3 days apart. The first treatment group received its first dose on 3rd day after being infected; the second group on the 4th day after being infected, and the third group, on the 5th day after being infected.

All three primates in the control group died; all 18 primates in the treatment arm survived. Once the genes encoding the chimeric mAbs are in hand, the entire tobacco production cycle is believed to take a few months.

Ebola virus epidemic in West Africa ZMapp was first used during the West Africa Ebola Virus outbreak, having not previously undergone any human clinical trials to determine its efficacy or potential risks. The use of such drugs during the epidemic was also deemed ethical by the World Health Organization.

Ebola virus research paper

Mapp announced in Augustthat supplies of ZMapp had been exhausted. Abdool Karimthe director of an AIDS research center in South Africa, placed the issue in the context of the history of exploitation and abuses. Responding to a question on how people might have reacted if ZMapp and other drugs had first been used on Africans, he said "It would have been the front-page screaming headline: However, ZMapp was found to be safe and well-tolerated.

The panel agreed that "the benefits of ZMapp outweigh its risks" while noting that it presented logistical challenges, particularly that of requiring a cold chain for distribution and storage.Ebola virus vaccine research paper; Ebola virus vaccine research paper.

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ZMapp is an experimental biopharmaceutical drug comprising three chimeric monoclonal antibodies under development as a treatment for Ebola virus disease. Two of the three components were originally developed at the Public Health Agency of Canada's National Microbiology Laboratory (NML), and the third at the U.S.

Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases; the cocktail was optimized. To say that the handling of the Ebola crisis from the get-go is a disaster would be an understatement.

For months, as the virus took hold in town-after-town, country-after-country in West Africa medical professionals and emergency services experts warned that unless drastic containment measures were.

Jan 20,  · Research Paper on Ebola Virus During the Dark Ages a plague swept through Asia and Europe killing millions of people, at the time it was unstoppable with a unique set of hosts.

The plague, later named The Black Death* became one of the greatest catastrophes humanity has ever witnessed. Ebola: A Media Induced Frenzy What is Ebola?

Ebola is a disease that is fatal as well as very infectious.


It is known for causing a high fever and is linked to vast bleeding that is internal. It is a virus that is spread through the contact of a bodily fluid from someone who has it. very similar to the virus identified in monkeys imported into the USA for research from the Philippines in 3 In , six people tested positive for Reston ebolavirus antibodies after contact.

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