Critical steps in making a black and white print

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Critical steps in making a black and white print

Channel Mixer The more popular way to convert a photo into black and white is using the Channel Mixer.

Correcting images

When I have used this method before, I usually start with the following settings: How to convert using the Channel Mixer First, open your photo and then add a Channel Mixer adjustment layer.

Select Monochrome and adjust the percentages for RGB. You can also adjust the constant percentage to lighten or darken the photo. When done, click Ok Now, duplicate that layer twice. The easiest way to do this is by selecting both the adjustment layer and the photo and dragging them to the Create a New Layer Icon on the Layers window.

Click on the one of the duplicated photo layers. Now the Photo should have more depth and not look as flat. You can adjust each of these layers based on the photo of your personal taste. One thing I find useful is at the end to add a contrast layer, this will darken the darks and lighten the white.

This is optional step. Lab Color Method This process has become a personal favorite of mine. It is rather simple, but does require the use of a robust post-processing application, such as Photoshop CS. Open the file you want to convert. Go back to the Channel Window and select the Red channel.

Paste either through the menu or Ctrl-V or Cmd-V. Reselect the top channel to make all the color channels visible again and you are done. If for you feel the photo looks flat, you can use the duplicate layer method mentioned above.

Just duplicate the main layer twice and follow these steps above.

Critical steps in making a black and white print

If the photo is too dark, add an Levels Adjustment layer and lighten the photo. To lighten the photo, I adjusted the center value and increased it to 1. The original value was 1. Too darken the photo, decrease the center number.

To lighten, increase the center number. Open the file you want to convert and add an Adjust layer. Click on Gradient Map. On the Dialog box, click on the pull down menu and select Black and White.

Click Ok and you are done. Desaturation Method This method, in my opinion, leaves the photo looking flat. This is another simple method. Conclusion There is absolutely no right way to convert a digital photo to black and white.

I have barely touch the surface in terms of how to and what kinds of software allow you to create a black and white photo.Mar 01,  · How to Print in Black and White on Epson Printers.

This wikiHow teaches you how to print your documents using black-and-white ink on an Epson printer. You can make black-and-white printing your computer's default on Views: 62K. How To Make A Great Black And White Print. It may seem like magic, but the steps to making a great black and white print are simple and methodical.

Flexographic Printing: Five Critical Steps Forward The good news is that flexographic printing for labels and packaging has resisted economic downturns and competition from digital while becoming a higher-quality, more efficient production method in its own right. May 05,  · Join me in the darkroom to view the step by step process of making a photographic print with an enlarger and chemicals.

For film processing information visit. This option is only available for Levels, Curves, Exposure, Hue/Saturation, Black & White, Channel Mixer, and Selective Color. To save a setting in the Shadows/Highlights or Replace Color image adjustment dialog box, click Save.

Print in black and white. Less. If you have a Word document that contains color text or graphics but you want to print it in black and white or grayscale, you can do so by changing your printer properties.

The options you have available depend on the type of printer you have.

How to Print Pictures in Black and White: 13 Steps (with Pictures)