Coaching decisions essay

Description When a person has uncomfortable thoughts or feelings, they may project these onto other people, assigning the thoughts or feelings that they need to repress to a convenient alternative target. Projection may also happen to obliterate attributes of other people with which we are uncomfortable. We assume that they are like us, and in doing so we allow ourselves to ignore those attributes they have with which we are uncomfortable.

Coaching decisions essay

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After minutes of yelling, he began to use profanity. Five minutes later, he picked up a bench and threw it across the locker room. Assistant coach John Moad tried to settle Kraus down, but he failed.

The coach pushed him into the lockers and tossed chalk into his face. This halftime outburst cost Coach Kraus a three game suspension.

The first practice after his suspension, Kraus held a meeting with the players and the parents. Jan Shanefelt, the starting point guard of the varsity team, asked the coach why he came back, the girls liked playing under Coach Moad better. Quickly, Kraus became agitated and threw a hard chest pass that hit Jan in the arm.

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The next day Kraus wrote a letter of resignation for the rest of the year and will resume his duties in the fall of " Should Coach Kraus just get suspended for the rest of the year, or should he never be allowed to coach again?

I think Coach Kraus should be fired without any hesitation. Many of the players and the parents wanted Kraus fired after the first incident, and they definitely want him fired now.

Coaching decisions essay

In school systems today, many incidents similar to this happen often. Are athletic coaches today given too much power and think they can do whatever they think can improve the team? The coaches should be setting examples to the players, not putting them down.

Athletics are not about winning and losing, it is about getting the most out of your players. Sometimes the players lose their concentration during the game and need to be reassured during the halftime discussion. Verbal abuse does not help the players at all. Coaches also need to remember that they are teaching teenagers, not adults.

Teenage girls look up to their coaches, and lean toward them for guidance. After the first incident, Coach Kraus claimed to be sick which gave him a short temper.

The December 22 issue of the Granite City Journal supported Kraus, saying "he is not the type of man to lose control like that. As much as Kraus has given to the girls" team, he shouldn"t be punished for using profanity one time.

The anticipated return of Coach Kraus to the team was definitely not what the players and parents had expected. Some of the players were not expecting anything to happen, but they were not suprised when it did.

Kara Coleman, a junior, said "There was no way that Jan could have caught that ball. It was thrown too hard to be caught.The key difference between coaching and the therapies is that coaching does not seek to resolve the deeper underlying issues that are the cause of serious problems like poor motivation, low self-esteem and poor job performance.

"You don't have to be a writer--ore even want to be a writer--to enjoy Writing About Your Life. What I like most is its tone: warm, compassionate, concerned.

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William Zinsser weaves his life into his teaching narrative in a wonderful way. Coaching is about learning specific skills, to improve performance or to prepare for advancement. What is coaching? learning specific skills. Print Reference this.

Coaching decisions essay

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Coaching Decisions Essays