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Champion EMS Our patient centered, non-profit organization's mission is to provide high quality emergency medical service across twelve counties in East Texas. We value team work, dedication, excellence, and commitment to serving others in their time of need.

Campion decent

Chris - Homeowner - from [Site Editor's Answer] Chris, if you like overpaying for windows, then Renewal is a good option.

How to order

Champion makes quite a good vinyl window, but I think the Lotus is going to be the better window. They're probably close in quality, but I still think I like the Lotus over the Champion by a bit.

The Zen Lotus with the solar ultra glass upgrade would be my pick. This is a good vinyl window, the Soft-Lite Pro, in fact. It's going to deliver a much lower SHGC, 0.

However, I would go back to the Zen dealer and tell them that the Champion bid is right at the top of Campion decent budget and although you want to go with them, they are out of your price range. See what they'll do on price, if they are willing to lower their bid at all.

Campion decent

Always worth a shot I'm getting ready to sell the house. Do you have any suggestions on these three window companies? If the Window World in your area has a good reputation, I would go with them because they are cheap and they offer a lifetime warranty that is I believe transferable.

If you were staying in your home longterm I would say that Gilkey or Champion would be the better way to go. Make sure to keep all of your Campion decent and hand that Campion decent to the new owners so that they will know where to go if something should go wrong with the windows down the road.

Dane - Site Editor - from Champion vs. The quotes I've gotten so far include the following -- all of them seem so much higher than the estimates on your site. I'm assuming your installation needs are quite extensive with a price tag like that.

The two least expensive bids look like the best ones to me. The Tuscany is a nice middle of the road vinyl window and the RevereBerkshire Elite is a decent window as well.

Do you have an overall opinion on the quality of this product? Is the a better option? How did CR rate them? I would appreciate your help or guidance.

There isn't much in Lowes that I would consider mid range, most of it is lower end stuff. Perhaps their very best is at the mid range level. Champion makes a good vinyl windowbut I've seen their price quotes and they often feel a bit inflated to me.

Since you are in Ohio, there are some good options out there that you may want to explore. For instance, I'd prefer you go with the lower end Soft-Lite Bainbridge over anything that Reliabilt makes.

I'd prefer you go with the mid range Soft-Lite Classic or Pro though. Other dealers that will cover your area include Polaris, Stanek and Wallside.

I think any of the mid range vinyl windows here will be good and you might be surprised to see the variety of bids you get with another two or three bids. I would say avoid the Lowes Reliabilt, get a few more bids, and see if anything there is more in line with your budget.

Going the cheap route may cost you more money in the long run—and lead to more headaches. I am interested in whole window replacement 25 windows because I do not want to give up glass area and I think it will give better overall insulation.

I came up with a company that carries the Sunrise Restorations — since I don't know the area, I'm not sure if they cover your zip code or not. They should, however, have some good information on who does service your area if you call them.

You can also call up the window companies I mentioned and ask if they have any reps or dealers that may be willing to give you a bid. Sometimes you have to fill out one of their online forms but try calling first. I'll bet they have a dealer who would come give you a bid.

Two or more of these companies has local dealers in your zip code I'm sure. Stick with their mid range to premium vinyl window series. Their prices tend to be a bit higher than they ought to so you may have to negotiate a bit to keep them honest.

Overall, I feel like Champion makes a good, but not great vinyl window. Upgrading to a better glass package and perhaps a reinforced sash rail would be two places that would help the strength and performance of the window.What Are Manufactured Homes and Modular Homes?

Manufactured homes – once referred to as single-wide and double-wide mobile homes – and modular homes are factory-built houses engineered and constructed to the strict specifications of the U.S.

Department of Housing and Urban Development’s federal building code. Campion Decent is the author of Embers ( avg rating, 1 rating, 0 reviews), Inside ( avg rating, 1 rating, 0 reviews, published ), and Ca /5(1).

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